Yijan HK668S IP-X7 Waterproof Quiet Chargeable Professional Haircuts Hair Clipper for Baby Children kids

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Manufacturer Description

To enhance the affection between the baby and the parents and at the same time make the parents to have a sense of achievement.
2)More hygienic:
The hair clippers in the barbershop have been used by many people. In case the baby is scratched, then it is prone to be infected.
3)More convenient:
With the hair clipper, you need not to wait in a barbershop for a long time. You could give your baby a haircut whenever you want.
You can use the kit the moment you have it without worrying about that you are a green hand and could screw it up.
5)More beneficial:
It is economic, since it could be used safely since the baby is born until he/she goes to the school. In addition, it could even be used by the whole family members.

The age range applicable: 0-12.
The whole body of the hair clipper could be washed in the water, so it is easy to clean.
Silence technique is adopted that could free it from work noise with only about 50 db, making the babies no fear to the hair-cut.
The ingenious design of positioning comb makes it possible for a green hand to cut into the hair of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm.

2,Long guide comb: (To help cut your baby's hair for 9 or 12mm)
3,Short guide comb:(To help cut your baby's hair for 3 or 6mm)
4,Trimming guide comb:(It quite easy to make it for those mothers who merely want to thin the babies' thick hair or trim)
5,Tonsorial cloth
6,Cleaning brush
7,Adapter:(When the clipper is connected to the power supply, it could also function well while being charged. Of course, you also can operate it after the charging finished.)

Product Features

Safe and easy to use, boasts of the strengthened water-proof treatment to IPX-7 level, so that it could be cleaned and at the same time work normally when its body is dipped in water, thus easier to tidy up the broken hairs. Ni-MH environmental-friendly battery, offer great power. 110V~240V smart charger,Charge of 6 hours could make it run safely for 50 minutes. Besides, it can also charge and be used simultaneously. Quiet technique is adopted that could free it from work noise with only about 50 db, making the babies no fear to the hair-cut. * The dismountable and washable ceramic blade exclusive to the infants makes it convenient for cleaning. And the safe serrations adopted make it possible for the hair not being nipped. It adopts ABS eco-friendly material for its body and equipped with a high-power motor, Such a high power provides a strong drive to make the clipper not get stuck while working. It is a complete kit, the parents, can use it as long as they have it. *Equipping with 9 & 12mm-long protective comb, which make it possible for new mothers to safely cut hair for their babies with no fear of making mistakes; * Equipping with 3 & 6mm-short protective comb, which make it quite easy for have a crew cut and make the trimmed hair style look natural. * Besides, it also equips with a unique comb for trimming that makes it quite easy to thin the babies' thick hair or trim.

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